Terms & Conditions for Buyers

1. Get Forex EA and our vendors are not responsible for the work of Expert Advisors

2. Get Forex EA and our vendors doe not guarantee the operability of Expert Advisors. We check each Expert Advisor on different accounts and with different brokers, but this does not guarantee that it will work for you. It all depends on many factors and some Expert Advisors are very sensitive to this (for example, ping on the server, spread size or spread type floating, fixed, etc.). Keep in mind that some Expert Advisors trade cautiously, so be patient.

3. Get Forex EAand our vendors are not responsible for losses during trading. We cannot guarantee you the successful trading of an Expert Advisor. Our goal is to provide you with a tool, and how it will work depends solely on YOU.

4. The buyer is responsible for all open transactions of Expert Advisors purchased by him from Get Forex EA and our vendors, thereby each buyer confirms that he will not write claims for unsuccessful trading with the help of trading advisors,indicators and strategies. These are all trading tools for trading in the Forex market that do not speak and do not force you to invest in their work. All this is decided and only YOU!!! No one can decide for you and manage your money. If you have purchased these tools, then only you decide how and when to use them, as well as use them at your sole discretion. You are solely responsible for the use of these tools and the consequences that may arise as a result!!! Our job is to provide you with these tools nothing more.

5. Do not rush to put the Expert Advisor/indicator on a real account. Try on a demo account or put a small amount on a cent account and only then use it on an account with real money. It is advisable to spend at least 2 weeks on tests.

6. We cannot guarantee you the profitability of any trading instrument purchased from us. Today they can make a profit, and tomorrow they can’t. You should understand that this is a risk and we are not responsible for it.

7. All products are provided as is and only in the version that is indicated on the purchase page. We only provide any updates if we have them. If you purchased a product, and then we have a newer version on our site 99% you can get the update for free.

8. Before you make a purchase with us, think several times whether you need this product and only then buy, assessing your risks.

9. In the materials of the site there may be errors in spelling for which we ask not to swear, and if you notice an error, you can write in the feedback form. We are not here to check spelling, but to share expert advisors with you.

Terms & Conditions for Vendors

1. No copyright

Check for copyrighted material. If getforexea gets a claim we ill remove the product no matter what.

2. No duplicate products

If the product is already sold on the website, do not upload

3. File stored in cloud

Upload your file to an external storage provider. Example icloud, google drive.

4. Withdraw

Request are at minimum 100$ and 7 days waiting time since completed order due to most refunds happen in 7 days.

5. Withraw Method

by Paypal/ Crypto

6. Banner

Need to have a banner 625×300 & Icon 150×2150 before opening store

7. Promotion

From time to time Getforexea makes promotions. Your products will also be discounted