We offer to buy information products together, it is much cheaper and very profitable!
The Internet opens up great prospects for those who want to gain new knowledge or skills. The Internet contains thousands of information products on various topics. But, as a rule, access to the most relevant products is very expensive .

Getforexea organizes ``group buys``. These products are not yet ready for purchase but they will be soon.

Step One

First step is to find a product that interest a lot of people. Through our Telegram channel we get a lot of requests if we have a specific product. If the product is not out there yet. We can collective purchase the product. Pre-Order means the product will always be cheaper then when the product is ready

Step Two

If we see there is a lot of potential. We will add the product to the page. After all the required people have made a purchase we will distribute the product to all the people that made a purchase. This product will be ready to download in your download section of the page.

Step Three

When all the payments are complete we will purchase the product, and unlock it. This means we can distribute it to all the people that have made a purchase.

Sometimes we get the product ready before we have the required people. In this case you will be lucky and acquire the product without having to wait for others.



Collecting funds for the following products