Becoming a vendor at

We Help Everyone Enjoy Amazing Products

We as do our best to provide everybody the best forex tools for their trading journey. But we must admit we can not have every product listed on the website.
Here we need your help! We offer a unique platform where you can sell your own products. With over 10.000 page views a month. we know your product will be sold here.

Questions about becoming a vendor.

Are you ready to open up your own store at Please read our FAQ first.

What products can i sell on

You can sell every product related to forex trading. Is this an expert, indicator or a trading guide. We have no restrictions. We do not allow double products.

What do i need to become a vendor?

After setting up a vendors account you will have to get verified by our admin. For this verification you will need a valid email adres.

How do i get paid for my sold products?

There is a payout threshold of 100$. This means you have to get up to a total sales of 100$. After you reach that amount you can get a payout through crypto or Paypal. Just click on the payout button.

Where to put the files?

All files should be zipped and stored on a external server. Like google drive or any other cloud service.  Ads are prohibited otherwise the product will not be displayt

Another vendor has the same product but cheaper!!

We want to be fair to other vendors. What we mean is, if there is a duplicate product by another vendor. We will remove that product. If you are the first one with that product yours will stay online.

How should i store my products on the website?

Your files should be stored on an external website. For example google drive.

How about promotion who will see my products?

You don’t have to worry about promotion. All our products are posted through our telegram channels. We have over 6000 members in our group. Sure there are customers that want to try out the product.

What prices can i ask for my products?

Sure you can ask any price you want, but that does not mean you will get any sales. We recommend you keep the pricing range

For experts & indicators 35$ – 100$.
For software & guides 50$ – 100$.
For mql files 200$ – 500$

Where are my products listed?

Your products will be listed in your own store and on our main store. All products will be found if customers use the search button.

What kind of commission is charged?

We charge 22% commission. This includes Paypal & Crypto fees.

Any final things i need to know of?

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the products you sell. We check every product if it works before it get published online and we do not tolerate any copyright infringements.